William Nix, Executive Producer

willWilliam Nix is Executive Producer of The Road to Houston. He is also the Chairman of the Creative Projects Group, which operates as a creative incubator for the development and production of motion pictures, television programs, music, interactive videogames, live entertainment, multimedia installations and events.

Will is a senior executive and producer in entertainment, sports and media (linear, digital, mobile) with particular expertise in motion picture, television, online/software and other digital media from career working as an Executive Producer/ Producer, and also in business affairs with NBA Properties, the MPAA and in large firm corporate and IP practice at BakerBotts.

He is an experienced CEO and Board of Directors Member/Chairman focusing on building and growing media/entertainment/sports properties with expertise in general management, administrative corporate, marketing and sales functions in high-growth, large-scale companies/organizations, as well as with successful turnarounds and start-up ventures. P&L general management of large, middle market and early stage enterprises with particular expertise in rights acquisition and management, corporate branding, sponsorship, media marketing, licensed merchandise design and launches. Los Angeles-based producer of film, television and multimedia productions. For further details and additional background information, please see: www.creativeprojectsgroup.com